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Stories Cigar Members Lounge

We fell in love with cigars not because of the flavors or smoking experience or perceived status… But because it allows barriers to fall between other humans, and build deeper connections far beyond the stick we were smoking.


For that reason, we’ve been super intentional to curate a space where people can find community and enjoyment with others, and cigars just happen to be the way we’re doing it. For that reason, we are thrilled to be the one and only cigar retail store and lounge in Downtown Lufkin. 


A good story is one of the most powerful tools used to connect with another human. Sharing stories fades out differences and highlights similarities found in the details, or with the story teller. Over the years, we have seen some of the best stories told over cigars and thus, new friendships are made, passions shared, encouragement given, and so much more. The impact storytelling has on the human connection is why we’ve decided to name our store and lounge ‘Stories’. Because behind every good cigar and conversation is an even better story!


Stories Cigars + Lounge is housed in the cultural arts district of downtown Lufkin, TX. Located in a historic 100 year old building, our retail store and lounge has plenty of personality and character to embody an upscale atmosphere. Here, you will find an inviting and open community, connecting people of all walks of life, built around a premium cigar. We can't wait to hear your story. 

- The Stories Owners

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As we continue to pour our heart into Stories and prepare the space for you, get excited with us! 

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