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Cigar Store Lufkin Texas

Premium cigars can be enhanced by the flavors and aromas of whiskeys, bourbons and scotches.


Some of the enjoyment of cigars is the hunt to discover new blends, flavors, intensities and developing your personal palette. There is a similar joy in the discovery and sampling of fine spirits. 

The Stories Bourbon Chapter is a society of members who meet monthly to indulge in whiskey, bourbon and scotch tastings in the Stories Cigar Lounge. 

At the monthly meetings, you can expect a variety of common spirits to rare barrel picks, for the tasteful atmosphere of the Lounge. Each meeting will be a unique experience, some featuring distillery reps and demonstrations, but all guaranteed to be an enjoyable experience with a community of fellow bourbon enthusiasts. 

See our events page for a list of all upcoming events. 


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