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Cigar Store Lufkin Texas

Our 800 square foot retail space will have the largest walk-in humidor in East Texas, featuring premium cigars from major brands, boutique brands, along with some Stories Lounge exclusive blends made by our cigar curator, The Elevated Humidor. We are confident that our collection of cigars will allow aficionados and novices alike to find the best sticks for any occasion.


Extending from the store is an 1800 sq ft high-end lounge. We’ve designed the space to give you the privacy of a speakeasy, but surrounded in comfort and elegance, as in a classic gentleman’s study. The lounge can be enjoyed with a day pass, or with a membership to embrace the full perks. In our lounge, you will find comfortable seating in open community areas, as well as some secluded nooks for more private conversations or meetings. If you need to make a phone call or Zoom meeting, we have a couple of workstations and an enclosed phone booth available to use with reliable internet.


We want Stories to bring the comfort and amenities needed to compliment the premium cigar enjoyment. You will not find loud music or tvs blaring in the background, but instead, in managed levels for conversation enjoyment. Amongst many other perks, members will have 24/7 access to the lounge and be able to enjoy special member events each month. The wet bar will always be stocked with filtered water, blocked ice, whisky glasses, cocktail garnishes, and small snack items for our members.


Whether you’re looking to indulge in early morning coffee with cigars, or late evening after dinner with your spouse or friends, Stories Lounge is always open for our members. The lounge environment will not be fogged with dense smoke or intense smells. Our quiet, premium air filtration system is designed to draw smoke up to clean and exchange the air every few minutes, making it an atmosphere anyone can enjoy. We also have a patio connected to the lounge, featuring comfortable seating and fire pit, nestled under bistro lights in a private courtyard. When the East Texas weather is perfect and meant to be enjoyed outdoors, members can access this secluded patio.


We have been intentional to pay close attention to the details and design a space that rivals any cigar smoking experience, right here in East Texas. We’ve poured our hearts into this store and lounge, and can’t wait to share in all the stories told in this special community.

What to expect at Stories?

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